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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Aug 3, 2017

On this Bonus Episode we sit down with one of our favorite people: Gary Vaynerchuck (@GaryVee). This bonus episode is from The Ask Gary Vee Show, Episode 191 where Lauryn and Michael went on his show as guests back in March of 2016.

This episode holds a special place for us because it was the very same week we launched The Him & Her Podcast and the first time we met Gary. It was important for us to have our first 3 episodes live by the time Gary's show aired to let his audience know about the new podcast.

On the episode we cover: Influencer marketing, how to go viral, and vlogging. 

Watch episode 191 on Youtube

To Connect with Gary HERE

If you want to listen to of our first podcasts where we talk about our experience on Gary's show, listen HERE

Listen HERE for the episode when Gary came on our show

The Twitter pic of Michael in the shower that we referenced can be seen HERE

To Connect with Sarah Dietschy HERE