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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

May 7, 2019

#187: This episode may be one of the most if not the most powerful episode we have ever done! Khalil Rafati had reached the peak of suffering. He was 33 years old, weighed 109 pounds, and was living homeless on the streets of LA on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. He was addicted to heroin and cocaine and was quite literally on the brink of death. The craziest part of this, Khalil was very connected in LA. Prior to this he worked for the estate of Elizabeth Taylor and had connections with some of Hollywood’s most elite including Guns & Roses, and Anthony Keidis. So how did Khalil fall so far? Addiction. And this podcast goes deep into the story of addiction and the path to recovery. Fast Forward to 2019. Khalil is completely sober, looks like a completely different person and is the founder and owner of the wildly popular fresh juice, food, and clean living franchise Sun Life Organics. On this episode we discuss quite literally what it takes to claw your way out of the depths of hell.

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