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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

May 22, 2023

#572: Today we're sitting down with Dr. Robert Whitfield, board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Explant Surgery and Breast Implant Illness. Known as the “Breast Implant Illness Expert,” due to his exceptional explant skills and holistic and scientific approach to care, Dr. Robert joins us today to talk about all things implants, implant illness, and implant removal. We also discuss Lauryn's recent explant procedure and why she decided this was the right choice for her. Dr. Robert gets into the details about what causes implant illness, why more and more people are deciding to get their breast implants removed, signs that you may have breast implant illness and he dives into the entire explant procedure and what to expect. He also dives into the root cause behind implant illness: chronic inflammation & gives insight into how chronic inflammation is affecting your everyday life, what the causes could be and more. Lastly he gets into who would be a good candidate for explant surgery, what people should know before going under the knife ( for implants AND explants), and why it's important to plan for years into the future whenever considering any type of implant surgery.
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