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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Jun 1, 2023

#575: Today we're sitting down with Amber Lancaster. Amber is a model, actress, content creator, entrepreneur and mother. In addition to her career as an influencer, you may recognize her as a gameshow model from "The Price Is Right." After beginning her career as a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader, she's gone on to appear on multiple major tv shows & magazines in addition to running her own retail company, Broken Hearts Club. Today Amber joins us to talk about her story: from how she was raised by her grandmother & what it was like to grow up with a parent who was addicted to drugs, to the various obstacles she had to face at a very young age. She also describes her experience with IVF, pregnancy and her traumatic birth story that was followed by divorce & heartbreak, the discovery her husband had been cheating for months prior to their breakup, and how she's currently co-parenting with her ex-husband. We lastly dive into the importance of resilience and how the choice to remain resilient through life's hardest trials, can be one of the biggest choices we make in our lifetimes & she gives our audience important insight into how challenges create opportunity and strength.
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