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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

#178: This episode is a wild one. We are joined by our friends Jackie Schimmel & Scotty Cunha. Jackie is the host of the wildly popular podcast The Bitch Bible, and Scotty Cunha is a celebrity hair stylist and media personality. 

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Mar 22, 2019

#177: On this episode we follow up Lauryn's 73 questions (#174) episode with Michael's! Mimi Evarts plays co-host and asks the questions we have all been wondering. What are Michael's favorite tips, tricks, hacks, and resources. What are his deepest secrets and regrets. What are his most embarrassing moments and what...

Mar 19, 2019

#176: Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor based out of Dusseldorf, Germany. She is world-recognized for non-surgical anti-aging treatments and rejuvenation of the skin matrix. Dr. Barbara was part of a medical discovery known as the “Kobe Procedure” (as in Kobe Bryant) where a patient’s own blood cells...

Mar 12, 2019

#175: On this episode we are going roundtable style with two of our favorite people and guests. Jillian Michaels and Justin Anderson join us today and as always, they both over deliver. On this episode we discuss how to find success in a crowded world, what it takes to stand out, how to live life on your terms, how...

Mar 8, 2019

#174: On this episode Lauryn sits down with her sister Mimi Evarts and answers 73 hot button questions around goals, past relationships, random thoughts, and you know... the works!

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