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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

On this episode we sit down with former and current reality star turned mom and entrepreneur; Kristin Cavallari. On this episode we discuss parenting, work out routines, the grieving process, healthy recipes, reality TV evolution, haters, and morning routines. 

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Apr 17, 2018

On this episode we sit down with Rich Roll. Rich Roll is a fellow podcaster, author, and ultra-endurance athlete. Rich hosts the wildly popular podcast The Rich Roll Podcast. On this episode we really cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from resilience, mental strength, the benefits of a plant based diet, and the...

Apr 10, 2018

On this episode we sit down with skin care guru and entrepreneur Kate Somerville. This episode covers a lot of bases ranging from problematic skin, skin maintenance, building a brand before social media, how to name a personal brand and female face shaving!? 

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Apr 3, 2018

This week for the third time we have one of our favorites, Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible podcast on the show. As always this episode goes all over the place. A conversation amongst friends on all things dating, drama, marriage, and all that falls in between. 

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